1/4'' Blue 38' x 28'


1/2'' Red 19' x 14'


1'' Green 9.5' x 7'

E-Z Scale Blueprint Layout Grid Set is a package of three translucent scaled grid sheets. that are laid over blueprints or scaled drawings to obtain fast and accurate scaled measurements in two directions at one time. Works on floor plans as well as elevation blueprints.

E-Z Scale’s see thru design saves time in obtaining measurements. You see only the scale you’re working with – clearly making E-Z Scale  better than any scale ruler you have ever used. Ideal for anyone who works with blueprints or scaled drawings.

• Sold in a set of three common scale sizes (1/4”, 1/2” and 1” ).

• Each scale is color coded for easy retrieving.

• See only the scale your working with.

• Saves time in obtaining measurements.

• Transparency aid in accurately lining up objects to be measured.

• Includes 9′ ‘x 12” tuck flap envelopes

• Indispensable tool for anyone who works with blueprints or scaled drawings.

1.  Check blueprint or drawing for scale size.

2.  Select the corresponding E-Z Scale Grid Sheet.

3.  Place Grid sheet over object to be measured.